CBRN UK Members

CBRN UK provides clients with a single point of contact to coordinate a response from the UK’s counter-IED industrial base. Please contact us for full support or explore our members’ capabilities to receive information directly from them.

CHC Global

CHC Global is a London-based specialist Malicious Risks security and defence company, with a deep expertise in CBRN perils. Our team, headed up by Jerry…

Capabilities: • Building CBRNE risk management strategies, • Constructing integrated security and military counter-CBRNE capability at strategic and operational level, • Open-source monitoring reporting and analysis of CBRN incidents including six-monthly CBRN Risk Reports, • Understanding their CBRNE threat vulnerability and risk environment, Consultancy & Technical Services,

Email: info@chcglobal.co.uk

Web Address: http://www.chcglobal.co.uk