CBRN-UK – UK Industry’s Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defence Special Interest Group

CBRN-UK is a Special Interest Group of ADS Group Ltd and operates under the auspices of ADS.


CBRN-UK formed in 1994 as NBC-UK and changed its name to CBRN-UK in 2010. It was initially formed to ensure that the UK CBRN industry was properly represented on the international stage and to ensure availability of complete and coordinated information in the light of strong overseas competition.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of CBRN-UK is to act as a focal point to represent the interests of its members to UK Government Departments, Overseas Governments and other organisations or companies concerned with the CBRN sector of business. CBRN-UK provides:

  • a gateway to the UK CBRN industry;
  • a focus for UK Government departments to turn to when seeking an industrial view when formulating policy in the CBRN field and a focal point for industry to represent its views to HMG;
  • a co-ordinating function to communicate with overseas governments and organisations concerned with CBRN equipment or service area and which HMG can utilise to host incoming delegations;
  • forums in which members and observers can discuss, in confidence, CBRN issues of mutual interest;
  • opportunities for members to participate in shared marketing activities e.g. exhibitions, conferences; and
  • opportunities for informed speakers to address members on current and appropriate issues concerned with the CBRN environment.

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