CBRN-UK – UK Industry’s Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defence Special Interest Group

Although the risk of the use of CBRN weapons by nation states appears to have reduced, it remains a threat. Contemporary terrorist organisations continue to aspire to use CBRN weapons and changing technology and the theft and smuggling of CBRN and explosive materials make this aspiration increasingly more realistic.

CBRN activities include arms control, preventing supply, deterrence, elimination, disablement and protection. Although some capabilities are used in more than one of these activities, CBRN-UK members generally, but not exclusively, focus on protection in the defence, security and resilience sectors and supply capabilities that mitigate or neutralise:

  • the use or threatened use of a CBRN weapon or device by state or non-state actors;
  • hazards arising from deliberate damage to CBRN related facilities; or
  • the accidental release into the environment or the deliberate misuse of a CBRN industrial material.

CBRN-UK recognises that governments world-wide are more frequently seeking system solutions as they develop their CBRN capacity and require capabilities that are not traditionally classified as CBRN protection which for example may include CBRN security products and services and bio safety capabilities.

The capabilities offered by CBRN-UK members either collectively, or as systems integrators, prime or sub-contractors, specialists or as subject matter experts include:

  • detection, identification and monitoring technologies aimed at establishing the release or discovering the presence of a CBRN hazard;
  • integrated information management process and services that provide exploitable CBRN information;
  • individual personal and collective physical protection equipment designed to provide protection against direct contact with, and contamination by, CBRN substances;
  • hazard management technologies and measures designed to limit the vulnerability of forces to CBRN hazards and to avoid, contain, control exposure to and where possible neutralize them;
  • medical counter measures and support to diminish the susceptibility of personnel to the lethal and damaging effects of CBRN hazards and to treat any injuries arising from exposure to such hazards;
  • individual, team and collective CBRN skills training and simulation to prepare individuals and organisations to respond to a CBRN event;
  • professional and expert CBRN consultancy advice.

CBRN-UK members have the shared aim of providing capabilities that will reduce the likelihood of a CBRN attack and that will, in the event of an attack, provide the means for an effective response that minimises harm to individuals and the infrastructure – PROVIDING EXCELLENCE IN CBRN CAPABILITY.