Argon Electronics Press Release

Argon releases major upgrade to Mirion ADM300A V1b Simulator

Argon Electronics (UK) Ltd. has released a major upgrade to its Mirion ADM300A V1b training simulator that provides a significant and welcome improvement to the simulated Gamma and Beta Gamma simulation performance of the training system.

The upgrade implements Argons’ latest generation Gamma simulation technology to deliver advanced simulation of inverse square law response and shielding effects and can be applied to all existing customer ADM 300A V1b simulators. The realism and repeatability of the simulated inverse square law response and the ability to create scenarios where the source is hidden behind a brick wall, inside a vehicle or within solid packaging is especially impressive and provides instructors with significant, advanced exercise creation flexibility.

The associated simulation gamma source employs Argon’s proprietary signalling technology and can be detected by the ADM 300A V1b simulator at distance of typically 60 metres (200 feet) line of sight. All previously supplied legacy gamma survey simulators can be similarly upgraded and all newly released Argon gamma survey simulators will also employ this advanced simulation technology.

ADM300A V1b SIM can also be used with PlumeSIM to respond to scenarios involving wide area radiological releases including ground deposition and hot spot areas.

Argon manufactures a wide range of CBRN and HazMat training simulators, many of which can be used independently or with PlumeSIM, their wide area file exercise / virtual Tabletop exercise system. Simulation systems have been delivered to numerous military and non-military organisations worldwide to enhance CBRN and HazMat response training.

For further details about the ADM 300A V1b-SIM upgrade please contact:

(UK) +44 1582 491 616

(USA) +1 571 210 1258